Stone Massage

Deep, gentle warmth. Grounding. Connection with the Earth. These are the gifts you receive when you choose a hot stone massage. Your session includes the use of placement stones and working stones. Placement stones rest on your body, delivering penetrating heat. Working stones become part of my hands and deliver strokes of warmth and grounding. Sometimes, I will tap two stones together, releasing electromagnetic energy.

“Stones are alive, but they are in a sweet coma.”
Vasant Lad

“The beauty of this & all therapies is manifested by the transference of deep compassion & trust between the therapist & client. This compassion becomes  imprinted within the matrix of each stone.”
Karyn Chabot

“Dance refers to the way the stones lead our hands. We simply follow the direction they travel, & if we are in harmony with the stone, it actually looks like the practitioner is being led in a dance.”
White Bear Medicine Woman

THE STONES are magnetic. Rapidly cooling lava recorded the earth’s magnetic field as it was then. The imprint of this different energy field leads to a powerful energetic effect on the body and realigns our electro-magnetic field.

Basalt stones are the hardened residue of volcanic eruption, so their energy is stimulating and activating. Stone massage may help alleviate stagnation at all levels and may be helpful to the client who is seeking a new direction.

I recharge my stones regularly, by placing them on the earth and out in the sun, and soaking them in Epsom salts.

Other benefits:

  • May ease repressed emotion, deep sorrow and pain
  • Grounding, warming, connecting to earth
  • Increased circulation and heat lead to accelerated detoxification
  • Porous, sponge-like action soaks up energetic debris, heavy
    energy, and bacteria.


Each of us is a unique composite of the 5 great elements. [Ether or Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth]. Stone healing belongs to Earth element. (Example: Reiki and other gentle forms of bodywork belong to Ether element). Earth is a stable force,  grounding for both client and therapist.

Stones add prana to the session. Shakti is the feminine vibration of prana. When you hold a stone, you are holding matter — mater — mother Earth.

Ayurveda defines 5 directional flows within the body. Stone healing is most effective when apana vayu (downward flow) is activated. Stone massage anchors the root and sacral chakras (first and second).

A client recently stated, while receiving their first stone massage, “I feel as though the stones are calling me back to myself.”

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