Guided by your body’s needs and inspired by the best of my expertise, I use principles of Ayurveda to deeply calm the nervous system. The meridians of Traditional Asian Medicine are assessed and addressed to support a balanced flow of energy. Each session is empowered by foot reflexology and custom-blended aromatherapy (using therapeutic grade essential oils).
If you request Deep Tissue Massage, my advanced training emphasizes techniques that sink into muscles to lengthen fibers without causing intense pain. You will be able to deeply relax while your body is encouraged to restore structural balance.
30 minutes ~ $30
60 minutes ~ $60
90 minutes ~ $80
Add a warm Seaweed Mask to your session ~ $10 
Enjoy a warm Seaweed Mask on an area of your body needing special care. Seaweed stimulates cellular activity which helps relieve aching muscles & supports weight loss. Vitamins & minerals from the sea nourish & soften your skin.
Add Hot Stones to your session~ $10
Hot Stones add warmth & nature’s grounding power to your massage.


The Journey
Rooted in ancient India’s loving respect & care for the body, this offering is balancing, beautifying, nurturing & awakening. The Journey begins with Garshana, a gentle exfoliation that prepares the body for Abhyanga. This rhythmic, warm oil massage quiets your nervous system & gently loosens toxins. Soothing hot towels coax the oils deeper into tissues. Vishesh follows. Slow, deep strokes penetrate your muscles.
90 minutes ~ $100
Nurture yourself with this profound warm oil massage that pacifies the nervous system & gently supports detoxification. Followed by soothing hot towels, this offering leaves your body and mind deeply relaxed and your skin soft & supple.
60 minutes ~ $70
Vishesh is a deep tissue form of Abhyanga. Slow, deep, rhythmic strokes especially address the musculoskeletal system, loosening tensions that result from physical and emotional stress.
90 minutes ~ $90
Radiance ~ Shiro-Abhyanga 
A Journey created for the head, face, neck, shoulders, and heart center. Beauty is reflected in the face that is energized, open and softened. Released neck tension allows energy to flow more freely between the head and heart.
60 minutes ~ $70


Foot Reflexology
Massage applied to precise points on the feet triggers your body’s healing response. Reflexology can powerfully address many health issues and muscular complaints. An aromatherapy epsom salt scrub and cedar tub soak is included in the 60 minute session.
30 minutes ~ $30     Wellness Package ~ 3 for $60
60 minutes ~ $60     Wellness Package ~ 3 for $150
Breast Wellness Treatment
Not a breast massage, but preventative care to support breast health. A seaweed & aromatherapy mask stimulate circulation & mineralize tissues. A focused neck & shoulder massage brings deep relaxation to your entire torso.
30 minutes ~ $40 minutes
Wellness Package ~ 3 for $90
All oils are organic and essential oils are of the highest quality.

“What exquisite luxury to experience The Journey, the ultimate in self care. It will literally make you glow.”