Ayurvedic Offerings


The Journey

Rooted in ancient India’s loving respect & care for the body, this offering is balancing, beautifying, nurturing & awakening. The Journey begins with Garshana, a gentle exfoliation that prepares the body for Abhyanga. This rhythmic, warm oil massage quiets your nervous system & gently loosens toxins. Soothing hot towels coax the oils deeper into tissues. Vishesh follows. Slow, deep strokes penetrate your muscles.

90 minute The Journey $100


Nurture yourself with this profound warm oil massage that pacifies the nervous system & gently supports detoxification. Followed by soothing hot towels, this offering leaves your body and mind deeply relaxed and your skin soft & supple.

60 minute Abhyanga


Vishesh is a deep tissue form of Abhyanga. Slow, deep, rhythmic strokes especially address the musculoskeletal system, loosening tensions that result from physical and emotional stress.

90 minute Vishesh $90

Radiance ~ Shiro-Abhyanga

A Journey created for the head, face, neck, shoulders, and heart center. Beauty is reflected in the face that is energized, open and softened. Released neck tension allows energy to flow more freely between the head and heart.

60 minute Radiance $70