Spa Offerings

Stone Massage

This therapy deeply warms and relaxes your body and mind with the help of heated basaltic stones gathered from Oregon’s coastal riverbeds. The warm stones soothe the central nervous system, helping muscles let go of tension. The stones have a gentle magnetic property that is both balancing and grounding.

Foot Reflexology

Foot ReflexologyMassage applied to precise points on the feet triggers your body’s healing response. Reflexology can powerfully address many health issues and muscular complaints. An aromatherapy epsom salt scrub and cedar tub soak is included in the 60 minute session.

30 minute Massage

Wellness Package ~ 3 for $60

60 minute Massage

Wellness Package ~ 3 for $150

Breast Wellness Treatment

Not a breast massage, but preventative care to support breast health. A seaweed & aromatherapy mask stimulate circulation & mineralize tissues. A focused neck & shoulder massage brings deep relaxation to your entire torso.

30 minute Massage

Wellness Package ~ 3 for $90

SPAAll oils are organic and essential oils are of the highest quality