The Signature Massage

The Signature Massage

Guided by your body’s needs and inspired by the best of my expertise, I use principles of Ayurveda to deeply calm the nervous system. The meridians of Traditional Asian Medicine are assessed and addressed to support a balanced flow of energy. Each session is empowered by foot reflexology and custom-blended aromatherapy (using therapeutic grade essential oils).

If you request Deep Tissue Massage, my advanced training emphasizes techniques that sink into muscles to lengthen fibers without causing intense pain. You will be able to deeply relax while your body is encouraged to restore structural balance.

30 minute Massage

60 minute Massage

90 minute Massage


Seaweed MaskAdd a warm Seaweed Mask to your session

Enjoy a warm Seaweed Mask on an area of your body needing special care. Seaweed stimulates cellular activity which helps relieve aching muscles & supports weight loss. Vitamins & minerals from the sea nourish & soften your skin.

Warm Seaweed Mask


Stone MassageAdd Hot Stones to your session

Hot Stones add warmth & nature’s grounding power to your massage.

Hot Stones

The Signature Massage